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 Sell To Us for More Money 

A lot of people bring us property that they no longer want.   We can give you more money if you want to sell your property instead of just borrowing money on it.

When you sell us something, you still need your id, and we still fill out the paperwork for the authorities, but you are not expecting to get your item back.  Sometimes, there is something that we have for sale that you would like to have. We do take
trade-ins of your property for ours.

Paying top prices for gold, platinum, silver, sterling silver flatware and Rolex watches! Broken or not - We buy it all! 

Prices are high - bring in your scrap or unwanted jewelry and Rolex watches and take advantage of rising prices!

Some common marks you can find on precious metals are: 8K, 333, 10K, 10KT, 10KP, 417, 14K, 14Kt, 14KP, 585, 15K, 18K, 750, 22K, 916, 24K, sterling, sterling silver, ster, 950, 999, 800, platinum, plat, plat/irid, 900/100, 950 plat, palladium.  There are other marks to be found and we can even test unmarked items for you. Remember, occasionally marks have been applied to non-precious metal items to deceive the buyer.  We are experienced in detecting fraudulently marked jewelry and metals and can quickly separate these items from precious metals.
Some marks on flatware that show it is not silver, but plated only and does not qualify as a precious metal are: EP, E.P.N.S. (Electroplated Nickel Silver), and EPBM. If you see these marks, you should call first.

We are the area's oldest licensed and bonded buyer of precious metals [gold, silver, platinum]. You can sell with confidence and will always be paid very competitive pricesWe WELCOME Price Shopping! 

You can also shop our new, estate and antique fine jewelry with the same confidence, and find our prices to be very reasonable. 

Gold-Silver-Platinum Prices are High! 
How to Sell 
Just come into our shop with the items you want to sell.  After examining your items, we make you an offer.  The amount we offer for scrap gold and broken or unwanted jewelry is based on the current market value of precious metals, which is currently the highest in years.   After you accept our offer, we do the necessary paperwork and pay you. 
WANTED: any Rolex watches 
We are required to take a drivers license or state issued photo identification to purchase property from you. Even if we know you personally, you still must show us your identification when the purchase is made.  We are regulated by state and federal laws, and furnish law enforcement with all the details of each transaction.

  We make offers on estates and inheritances.
  We buy all diamonds, any size, any shape.
  We buy all fine jewelry, in any condition.

Serving you since 1983 - Roanoke's oldest licensed and bonded gold buyer and pawnbroker.
Town & Country Pawn Shop
3806 Williamson Rd. NW
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 540-563-0099
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-5:30
Sat: 10-4:00
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