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Town & Country Pawn
 Our Loans 
About our Loans 

We make short term, collateral loans. We loan you money on items of value that you want to keep.  Your loan is based on the value we place on your property. We hold your property in storage (for one month in Virginia), until you either pay off the loan or pay the charges due for the month.  Your property is safely stored and remains yours as long as your loan is current.  If you choose not come back for your property, it can be sold after a two week grace period. 

These are some things we buy, sell, trade and take in pawn: 
Antique jewelry
Any platinum or silver
Broken diamonds
Broken jewelry
Car stereos
Construction equipment
Dental gold
Digital camcorders
Digital cameras
Fine jewelry
Gold class rings
Gold coins
Laptop computers
Lawn equipment
Lawn mowers
Push mowers
Riding mowers
Rolex watches
Scrap gold
Silver coins
Sterling flatware
Unwanted jewelry
Utility trailers
Vintage jewelry
A normal transaction starts when you come into our shop with your property to get a loan.  After examining your item, we make you an offer for a loan.  The value of the loan is based on the resale or secondhand value of the item, not the new price. Loans usually run about one-third to one-half of the price we can expect to get for the sale of your property during the worst of times. This assures that a profit can be made.
We are required to take a drivers license or state issued photo identification to make you a loan or to purchase property from you. Even if we know you personally, you still must show us your identification when the loan is made.  We are regulated by state and federal laws, and furnish law enforcement with all the details of each transaction.
This is a great time to sell your unwanted jewelry, gold, silver, platinum & Rolex watches. Prices for precious metals has never been higher!
  ASK us if you would like to get more money!
If you don't want your item back, you might want to sell it or trade it.
Serving you since 1983 - Roanoke's oldest licensed and bonded gold buyer and pawnbroker.
Town & Country Pawn Shop
3806 Williamson Rd. NW
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 540-563-0099
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